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Gail Butler

Chesterfield, VA - United States








Gail Butler

Chesterfield, VA - United States

Gail Butler - Fine Artist

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About Gail Butler

Self-taught, Gail's artistic interests and abilities have been part of who she is her entire life. Starting with crayons and a Poloroid camera, she has evolved into an artist with a unique style all her own. Having an 'Enjoy the moment, for it will all to soon be gone!' outlook comes through in her work. Her love of the natural world and its inhabitants fuels a desire to capture their beauty, while her sense of humor and appreciation of that which is magical and whimsical is also a driving force behind her art. Her portraits are renditions which capture the character of her chosen subjects, as she 'casts' them in roles which give a glimpse into their 'personality'. Her 'Wordplay' series showcases her love of a good pun, and her animal renditions are executed with great care and an obvious love of the natural world.
' My art is my passion! Creating works which bring joy to others feeds my soul. Enjoy life, look for the good, try to find a giggle in every day, and most of all do your best to give joy to all you come in contact with, are the words I try to live by. If my work brings a smile or a moment of peace to the heart of it's viewer, then I have done my job.'
Gail has been a professional photographer and prolific artist for seventeen years. She is an active member of the local art community, and exhibits on a regular basis at several venues in the Richmond/Chesterfield area.

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Party At The Pad by Gail Butler


Beach Bums by Gail Butler


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Gail Butler


Felines After Five by Gail Butler


Mardi Gras Party Pups by Gail Butler


Winter Wind by Gail Butler


Dragons in the Sky by Gail Butler


As Above So Beneath by Gail Butler


Ginter's Japanese Garden by Gail Butler


Mountain Reflection by Gail Butler


Magnific-Ent by Gail Butler


Fat and Happy by Gail Butler


Mountain Rain by Gail Butler


Fall on the Forest Floor by Gail Butler


Bridges by Gail Butler


The Breath Of Spring by Gail Butler


Night Watchman by Gail Butler


Contemplating Breakfast by Gail Butler


Tiger and Lantana by Gail Butler


Monarch by Gail Butler


Painted Lady by Gail Butler


Clutter by Gail Butler


Free Spirit by Gail Butler


Waverunners by Gail Butler

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